Actuators for accuracy and reliability

Electric cylinders, precision tables, rodless actuators, and actuators with rods are only a few examples of the wide variety of linear actuators and motion systems available. In addition to heavy-duty cylinders and programmable linear actuators.

Electric cylinder.
Electric Cylinders

Powerful propulsion, rapid acceleration, and pinpoint accuracy in positioning are all features of electric cylinders. These high-precision, closed-loop systems are meant to replace hydraulic actuators and pneumatic cylinders in a more environmentally friendly and effective way.

Rodless actuator.
Rodless Actuators

These rodless actuators, which are similar to electric cylinders but without a moving rod, use linear bearings to move a carriage within an extruded aluminium chassis.

Precision Tables

Applications, where accuracy and repeatability are prioritised over axial thrust, are ideal for precision tables. They can also be used to support significant moment loads in applications.

Direct drive linear motor.
Direct Drive Linear Motors

Instead of using ball/lead screws, rack, and pinions, belts/pulleys, or gearboxes to move the driven load, a Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motor couples the rotary motor directly to the driven load.

Nook Industries programmable linear actuator.

Programmable Linear Actuators are built tough to withstand prolonged use, increased loads, extreme temperatures, and high speeds. Their excellent mechanical efficiency and low operating noise are the result of either a direct drive or a toothed belt drive. Ball screws, acme screws, and servo or stepper drive systems can all be found in programmable actuators.

Heavy duty electric cylinder.
Heavy Duty Electric Cylinder

Single-Reduction, Double-Reduction, and In-Line Layouts are all Available for Electric Cylinders. The exterior of Electric Cylinders is finished in industrial enamel paint, and they have ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes. Heavy duty electric cylinders are available for use in the great outdoors.

Linear actuator cc series.
CC Series

The CCâ„¢ Linear Actuators from Nook Industries combines electric motor technology with either an Acme screw or a high efficiency ball screw. They are made to be installed without any additional preparation in a commercial or industrial setting. They work wonderfully for any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) application requiring linear motion.

Nook Industries clevis to clevis linear actuator.
Clevis to Clevis

Clevis to Clevis Linear Actuators are appropriate for OEM applications. Their small size allows them to fit into most mounting variations and are available with either an AC or DC motor. Commercial Clevis to Clevis Linear Actuators with an IP65 rating can be utilised indoors or outdoors.


Many options for heavy-duty electric cylinder accessories are available.


Modular linear actuators are self-supporting, wear-resistant aluminium profile positioning devices with a wide range of applications. Assembly of modular linear actuators allows for X, Y, and Z gantry positioning tasks including inspection, pick-and-place, assembly, and dispensing to be performed with a single unit.