Motion products and systems are used in a wide variety of applications, from manufacturing and automation to medical and aerospace. Our products are designed to provide precise, reliable, and efficient motion control, helping our customers to improve their productivity, quality, and safety.

Kollmorgen frameless motor.

Industrial motors with high-performance servo drives or stepper drives.

Nook Industries linear actuator.

Direct drive linear actuators, rod & rodless actuators, electric cylinders, precision tables.

Kollmorgen AKD.

Stepper drives & servo drives that offer optimum versatility. AKD & S700 servo drives.

Nook Industries screw jack.

Nook Industries ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jack systems.

Nook Industries ball screw.

Leading edge precision ball screw & Acme Screw products.


Bearings & Blocks

Linear bearings designed to fit on precision shafts, long life.


High torque capacity, smooth and quiet operation. Lubricated for life.


Shaft joining couplings with high torque ratings and speeds.

Red slew ring.

Robust, precise, high torque & low-speed gearboxes.

Nook Industries linear guide.

Linear Guidance solutions for better system performance, reduced setup & alignment time.

Motions systems diagram.

Motion systems for high-performance motion control.