The Aerospace and Defence industry is continuously evolving to seek an advantage.

We work closely with our clients to devise innovative solutions.

Our strengths are our extensive experience, customer-focused creativity, and our quality defence suppliers. Suppliers like Kollmorgen with 70 Years’ experience in the defence space.

We specialise in the supply of electromechanical solutions by working side by side with your engineers, resulting in the optimal deliverable.

Radar for defnece.

Motion Werkz can also deliver at component level for you to embed into your project. For higher altitude applications we have additional servo drive suppliers from the USA.

When supplying a solution to this industry our motors are generally considered the most ‘energy-dense’ available today. The secret is in our ‘winding compression’ technology offering benefits in onboard space saving.  

We have motor control drives that are temperature rated to -50 degrees Celsius as needed for high altitudes. These can run brushed or brushless motors for simple open-loop control applications through to full 32-bit resolution via closed-loop servo feedback whilst operating at low voltages. This resolution would equate to under 1mm accuracy at a 50km range.

Kollmorgen has a 25 year history of supporting its products across a number of Australian Defence platforms.

Aerial view of a black submarine surfacing.

A few past projects

  • Stabilised Platforms | Yaw and pitch control motors and actuators.
  • Servo drives products and feedback systems | Precision gearboxes.
  • Linear and rotary guidance components.
  • Heavy lift equipment utilising screw jacks or linear stages.
  • Ground support equipment | Test rigs.
  • Suitable alternative component sourcing required due to obsolescence.
  • Weapons stations and gun turrets | Radar pedestals and tracking stations.
  • Unmanned ground, aerial, and undersea vehicles.
  • Ground vehicles and sea systems | Aircraft and spacecraft systems.
Military mobile ground communications.

Land Forces

  • Azimuth and Elevation Control of Turrets
  • Actuators for Operating High-speed Trigger Mechanisms
  • Target Training Solutions
US navy ship on the water during training.


  • Periscope Motors & Optical Controls
  • Azimuth/Elevation Motors & Controls
  • UUV Motors for Deep Sea Exploration
  • Sea to Air Applications
Ground to air missiles pointed up at the sky.

Missiles and Smart Ammunition

  • Controlling seeking heads
  • Controlling fin acutators
  • Surface to air
  • Ship to air
  • Air to air
Perseverance rover on Mars, with a solar system behind it.


Motion Werzk and Kollmorgen have experience in supplying motorised motion needs in this industry. Our knowledge of products working in vacuum conditions and limited gravity allows us to recommend the ideal solution for your application requirements. 

Motors and feedback systems have been used by Kollmorgen for many years in this industry including components for the Mars Program’s Perseverance Rover.

Motion Werkz is Kollmorgen’s preferred supplier in Australia.

Robotic Applications

Motion Werkz has extensive experience in robotic applications and the associated low voltage requirements. Our engineers have been involved with many projects in both the defence and industrial sectors.

  • Robots for mine detection
  • Remote weapon platforms

Test Validation Applications

Motion Werkz has extensive experience in building test rigs. Some examples include testing force, torque, speed, vibration, and sound.

  • Life cycling test rigs
  • Validating the condition of components or systems.

NOTE: All images above are stock images and not of actual projects, except for the Perseverance Rover.