Aeroplane at an airbridge at the airport.

Speciality Aviation Motors.

  • Dependability and Reliability
  • Resistance to shock and vibration
  • Temperature Extremes, Compact, Lightweight

Energy-dense High Altitude Motors.

When supplying a solution to the aviation industry our motors are considered the most ‘energy-dense’ available today. The secret is in our winding compression technology offering the benefit of onboard space saving.

Additionally, we have motor control drives that are temperature rated to -50°C for high altitudes. These can run brushed or brushless motors for simple open-loop control to 32-bit closed-loop servo feedback at low voltages. This resolution would equate to under 1mm accuracy at the 50km range.


  • Yaw and pitch control motors for UAV
  • Motion of optical systems
  • Actuators both rotary and linear
  • Ground support equipment