Filling of biscuits with jam on a production line using food safe motion control.

Food Safe Motion Control

Motion Werkz provides a wide range of washdown, non-contaminating, and non-corrosive motion products. Truly Hygienic food and beverage design. We can help with hygiene, precision, and dependability.

  • Bottling, Filling, and Conveying
  • Slicing and Interleaving
  • Food Safety and Inspection
  • Stacking, Emptying, and Pressing
  • Form, Fill, and Seal

XY Gantry Applications

Pick and place gantry systems for your requirements. Complete supply (turn key) operation including programming and interfacing with existing equipment.

  • Designed specifically for the speed and sizes you need to move.
  • Typically used for product manipulation.
  • Supplied with motion control and electricals etc
  • Vision capable
  • Rotary heads
  • Come with all accessories such as vacuum grippers etc

Robot Linear Axis Applications

No matter the load, speed, or moving distance required we supply and manufacture linear axes for your needs.

  • Attach your existing robot to a linear axis to extend the reach
  • Control of additional axis easy to implement
  • Position at any angle to increase your working stroke where it is needed.
  • We also offer Additional axes like rotation tables for increased load/unload efficiency.
  • Available up to 1.5t capacity and infinite stroke available.

Wash Down Motors and Control

Experience in supplying components and systems for the wash-down food industry where IP69K is required (caustic and steam clean).

  • Custom conveying / processing systems for food products
  • Automated cutting systems for cheese and dairy
  • Abattoir applications
  • Confectionary and many more.
  • A provider of washdown servo motors