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Motion Werkz collaborates with the medical industry to provide guidance and motion product solutions. We have directly worked with pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, and university professors who needed a motion solution.

The following is a list of medical industry solutions that are public knowledge and not protected by a non-disclosure agreement. NDAs apply to the majority of medical applications.

A sample of medical solutions we have worked on are listed below. If your requirements are not addressed please contact us. We can assist you in resolving issues that require electrical or mechanical motion.

Inside of a CT Scan Machine.
Blood sampling machine with blood samples.

Medical and Diagnostic Solutions


Experience in motorising high speed centrifuge applications that require highly stable servo motors and feedback systems for accuracy, typically with 0.001% variation of speed.

As well as dual-axis centrifuges utilise hollow motors that allow additional centrifuge axis to pass through. The fast servo update rates offer harmonic stability during motion.

CT Scanning

We can provide large diameter servo motors to allow the stability of scanning speed and torque. Motors that provide high accuracy, are harmonically quiet, and have zero cogging.

Blood Sampling

We have extensive experience in the blood sampling industry and have provided numerous products and solutions. Miniature ball screw and motor combinations, as well as 


Motion Werkz supplies robotic cleaning systems which are capable of killing 99% of bacteria utilising UVC Light and Ozone.

UVC & Ozone a commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry whilst UV is extensively used in the wastewater industry for killing bacteria.  

Our robotic cleaning systems are designed to clean offices, airports, shopping malls, and many other applications.

What’s the point of a robot? Simple to programme by teaching the path of motion with a phone app. Simply set the robot’s start time, and it will return to its charging station once it has completed the programmed path. It also has a motion detection system to help it avoid obstacles.