Top view of a conveyor for package movement.

Precision packaging Perfection.

Linear actuators and motors are essential components in packaging machinery. They provide precise and repeatable motion control, which is essential for high-speed packaging applications.

XY Gantry Applications.

Pick and place gantry systems manufactured to suit your requirements. Complete supply operation (turn key), including programming and interfacing with existing equipment.

  • Designed specifically for the speed and sizes you need to move.
  • Typically used for product manipulation.
  • Supplied with motion control and electricals etc
  • Vision capable
  • Rotary heads
  • Come with all accessories such as vacuum grippers etc

Robotic Linear Axis applications.

Motion Werkz supplies and manufactures linear axis for the load, speed, and move distances required.
  • Attach your existing robot to a linear axis to extend reach
  • Control of additional axis easy to implement
  • Position at any angle to increase your working stroke where it is needed.
  • We also offer Additional axes like rotation tables for increased load/unload efficiency.
  • Available up to 1.5t capacity and infinite stroke available