The right lead screw for your needs.

At Motion Werkz we offer Nook Industries leading-edge precision screw line featuring an extensive selection of lead screws, ball screws, acme screws, and roller screws.  We’ll help you choose the right lead screw to fit your needs and budget.

Nook Industries ball screw.
Ball Screw

There are multiple variations of the precision ball screw that can be tailored to almost any performance need. Machined and completed ball screws with nuts, flanges, wipers, and EZZE-MOUNTS are available.

Nook Industries Acme screw.
Acme Screw

Acme screws, lead screws, and other precision fasteners are manufactured by thread rolling, milling, or grinding. High-precision, centralised thread shapes are produced by both methods, resulting in screws that function without catching or binding.

Nook Industries planetary roller screw.

Amazing in their ability to transform rotational motion into axial force or vice versa, Nook Industries Planetary Roller Screws (NRS) is a type of lead screw. They provide a wide range of benefits and dependability, even in the most difficult of settings.

Nook Industries ball spline.
Ball Spline

Ball Splines are simple, effective tools for imparting torque through linear motion with zero friction. These ball spines are used instead of traditional splines as they are more dependable and efficient. Ball splines transfer force between a spinning (inner race) and sliding (outer race) component using recirculating bearing balls.

End bearing support.
End Bearing Support

Screw end machining is necessary for applications involving linear motion, and it must be paired with precision bearing mounting. Designed to withstand both the radial and the thrust loads generated by the application screw assembly.

End machining tool.
End Machining

Linear motion applications utilizing a ball screw or an acme screw require high tolerance screw end machining matched with precision bearing mounts. We supply a family of standard machined ends applicable to a variety of bearing arrangements.

Nook Industries screw lubricant.
Screw Lubricant

Lubricants from Nook Industries are developed to work optimally with each product and are made to withstand harsh conditions.