The right Drive and Gearbox for the job.

We supply many different slew drives and gearboxes to cover all kinds of uses, many of which involve the controlled rotation of substantial loads.

They have the required strength and precision for uses including robotics, solar trackers, wind turbines, and heavy machinery.

Blue enclosed house small slewing drive.

A vast range of slew drives for use in the solar industry to accurately track the movement of solar panels throughout the day for maximum energy absorption.

Enclosed slew drive.
Worm Gear

Worm gear slew drives for use in solar tracking systems, heavy-duty machinery, and other applications that require slow and precise rotation.

Red vertical single axis hourglass slew drive gearbox.

Selection of smaller slew drives for various applications from agriculture to scientific projects.

Envelope Worm Slew Drive Gearbox.
Dual Axis

Dual axis slew drives for applications that require the rotation of two axes simultaneously, such as solar tracking systems, satellite tracking systems, and heavy machinery.

High torque hydraulic slew drive.

Hydraulic slew drives for a variety of applications, from cranes, excavators, and drilling rigs, to wind turbines and solar tracking systems.

Green vertical single axis worm gear slew drive.

Various slew drive gearboxes for various applications including robotics, satellite tracking systems, and turntables for heavy equipment.